Friday, December 21, 2012


A pulling downward
Some kind of force
Bigger than I’m willing
To say
My voice may crack
I cannot be trusted
With the sound
Of my own name
My own gifts
They choke
In a throat
That needs

I am parched

So I fight the love
rest in the fear
Run fast
And remain aloof

I dare you to chase me
I dare you to not
There is not easy way
To win
To clear answers
Nothing to do
But let me wander
Back to you
To me

Some of us did not die
In the war
Some of us
Went into ourselves
And shape shifted to fit
In corners

Our bones bent forever
To fit tight spaces
Some of us fought bravely
Lost limbs in a war our own
Some of us
Just drift downward

We become quack mire
Sinking sand
Some just are scared
Some just are scared

Tuesday, December 18, 2012



There are some fire walls
Ones built up
With strong materials
By time
And tested
By lovers like you

There are some fire walls
Ones that
Come from not having
A mother
Not knowing where you
If you are just another regret

I said the last time
Was the last time
That.. that time
Was the worse time
I took a vow
Of loving myself first
And build the fire wall

It won’t be penetrated
By persistence
Or good conversation
It won’t be knocked down
By compliments
It’s strong
Tough like

I build a firewall
I’ve taken to many
To not be careful
I can’t afford
To be careless with my tender

I built a firewall

And by cover of night
I secretly wish you would
Knock it down 
that you would extinguish 
any trace of resistance
any hint of doubt 
that the firewall 
would become
our love fireproofed 

Monday, December 17, 2012

its raining in Anacostia

It’s raining in Anacostia 

All the street corner prophets on
The block of
Good Hope Road
Have traded sermons and
For umbrellas
And quick steps

No one wants to get caught in the rain
We have seen too much of it
So we scurry
Off to places unknown
Cuss metro buses
A8 and W6
On streets
Lines with potholes
And sleek from the wetness
Of it all

Tears blend into rain drops
Maybe it’s raining
Rain knows
We can’t be insular
Bound by unspoken lines
And rivers forever

There is development going up
St. Elizabeth’s East
And housing prices rising
On the horizon

It’s raining in Anacostia
Quiet today
Solemn for is
What has been?
And what is coming 

Monday, December 10, 2012


Don't ever be so sure of your steps
Your forget falling
I can't tell you how many times
I've tripped
Over familiar paths
I consider myself sure footed
Able to navigate
Look down occasionally
But for the most part look ahead
Backwards sometimes
To fortify myself
To remember
But often times
It makes me quicken the pace
there is somethings there
i would rather forget
i end up running
fast without any idea
of why
i am going
so full speed ahead into the unknown
i think i like
the challenge
the undoableness
of it all
it beckons me
so i quickstep
in love
into work
into life 
never looking 


for landmines
that are unexpected
hurdles my legs are
not yet strong enough to jump
how often
i have not been careful
my mother would call me clumsy
half hazard

i just like the rush of rushing
in my youth
my body
my mind
my heart was able to recover faster
from missteps
and mistakes
i am learning in
to be cautious
still adventurous
still free
still willing
just wise
to the lessons
learned from falling
and not having
anyone to tell me slow down
so im telling you 

Don't ever be so sure of your steps
Your forget falling
I can't tell you how many times
I've tripped
   Over familiar paths

Friday, December 7, 2012

A long ride

There is a long bus
Riding up 16th street tonight
One small victory
For the working poor
On a Wednesday in December
With biting wind
And the patience of Job

Yes I am excited that
The restaurant workers
And office cleaners
The security guard
And nurse aides
Get a seat on the bus tonight

Most of the people who get on
At 11:18 PM will ride a while?
The bus lurching
Slower because it’s bigger
But still there is room for us all

Most weekends
There are well dressed white people
Who take the s4 or s2
Quick stops
With bags of wine
Or pizza from whole foods
The weather is usually better than

On nights like tonight
When it’s cold
There is a sea
Of brown and black faces

The only goal is to get home
Weary from waiting on buses
Weary from waiting on people

The metro doesn’t care what your job is
They keep raising fares
But the article in the post about workers and commute
And buses that are to full
Has made it impossible to ignore the need

There is a long bus

Up 16th street tonight
I hope it remains
That way
A memorial
To blood sweat tears
A reminder
That we are