Wednesday, October 30, 2013

B- Side

Black girl brilliant
Her brains will have you believe
She belongs on thrones
Instead of the belly of boats
Before she was brethren
She was broken
Busted and left out
By baller boys who faces turned blue 
Because of she made it hard to breathe
Boys who loved her bottom
So she trades blossoms for
Bags tried to break her bedazzlement
Bestowed her greatness on
People who could not handle the
Weight of her being
So they called it baggage 
Tell her A-side is B class at best
blasphme this butterfly 

Black girl beyond 
not basic
not bruised 
love her 
know her 
befriend her 
because before she was understood 
before she could be the balm 
before we study the biography of her 
she was beloved

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