Friday, August 9, 2013

love this

its hard to love this flesh
that everyone curses
people poke and prod 
and open wide up 
to examine
if your really made of 
tough stuff

we mules of this world
who carry it 
all on strong backs 
with clenched jaws

dont tell me about any other 
i only know my own
how successful you 
are is related to 
how anti black 
how anti woman 
you become  

and hear i stand at all those
cross roads
wondering if my adhd 
mind will be silent 
or my hands will stop turning over
pages of text and scriptures
and find respite 

where is the well spring
the water
when your to tired to go looking
and to thirsty to even admit 
you have want relief

dont make my 26 years tomm 
try to mean something 
package all my shyt 
in a nice box with a neat bow
just need to be burned
lets the ashes
be scattered
as sacred 
an atonment 
an offering to a god 
i soemtimes question

let me be enough as it stands
in all its confusion 
and brokenness
all its want 
and need 
let it stand alone 
be enough as it is

so that when it comes out dancing 
it will count for something
it will be tangible 
and quantifiable 

let it live so 
it may make its own memories
out of its own dreams
and for once

know it is good  
it is complete 
it lacks nothing

so i may know 
so she may know 
it is good 
it is complete 
even in its mess 
and crazy its enough 

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